Saturday January 18th! CTV CD Release Show @ Fitzgerald's SATX

New Slop Musket Track from the upcoming album!

The new Slop Musket LP is now 11 songs deep and we are still knocking new songs out almost weekly. Here is a sneak peek at one of the new tracks. Let us know what you think!


Current projects in the works!

Big Package Collab LP "Macrotastic"

The biggest news of my upcoming projects would be the near completion of the Big Package Collab album that we started almost 2 years ago. We only have a few loose ends to tie up and will be dropping a barnburner album with some of Austin's finest emcees some time in October. The album features exclusive production by Big Package (Anom & Brokebread) and rhymes by Big Package, Tee Double, Bavu Blakes, Cap'n Kirk, Rudi Devino, Sloppy Josef, IS, Global74, Dubb Sicks, RedRum, Stephanie Salvo, Crew54, Notes Floats, Poise, Azatat, HBZ, Mirage, DKOI & Emcee. There will also be remixes by Cyrus Martin, Garbage Man & Hades Theunscene.

Slop Musket Second LP

Joey Alpha and I are hard at work on our second Slop Musket album.  We are going with some more rock sounding production this go round with help from our good friend Marc "The Model" Martell.  Be looking for this album to hopefully drop around the first of 2014.

Slash & Burn Second LP

Sloppy Josef and I are just starting to gear up for our follow up to Slash & Burn's Imminent Domain. We have a couple songs started so far and are excited to get the ball rolling. Be looking for that around the spring of 2014.

Word Is Porn (Numskull & Anom)

My good friend Numskull and I are about 5 songs deep into our first project. More info to come.

Akenohm (Global & Anom)

We've talked about doing this one for a couple years now and just starting to make some headway with it. More info to come.

Celebrate The Villain

I'm currently recording and mixing Celebrate The Villain's first official LP.  They should be wrapping up the recording soon. More info to come.


New joint featuring SNG, The Brain, Sloppy Josef & HBZ

All of my newest album links! Getcha some!


Slop Musket at the Triple Crown Sept. 16th

Slop Musket opening for Moodie Black of Fake Four Inc. in Austin and San Marcos, Texas!

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